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Thread: Hacked wii on 4.1, trying to play U-Sing please help

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    Hacked wii on 4.1, trying to play U-Sing please help

    Hi all

    I have a hacked wii and when it was on 3.4 i tried to play U-Sing, the game didn't play but said it needed to update.

    Using the software on here i installed bootmii on 2, and managed the update, restore ios 15 and 36 using truncha. Installed ios 60 and then updated to 4.1, everything seems ok.

    I them did the wad installs (4 of them) and then the new neogamma r8, i've restarted and inserted the u-sing disc (original) but it still wants to update.... can anyone tell me how i get to play this game please?

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    Does anyone have any idea please?

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    You can use IOSPatcher to identify what IOS your game is using to load. Download IOS Patcher from the link and install onto your PC HDD. Drag the ISO file of your game onto IOS Patcher and a window will open identifying the IOS used by the game. Knowing that IOS, update to a more current version of that IOS using NUS Downloader and getting the IOS from the Nintendo servers ([Simple Guide] NUS Downloader ).

    IOS Patcher 1.1:


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