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Thread: Some Questions

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    Some Questions

    By pure chance I was able to soft mod my LU64 system without bricking it - though I almost did. Thanks to a preloader, I was able to reinstall system menu 4.0 and reverse the damage. However, it's made me incrediably gun shy on screwing around with much of anything.

    I just recently purchased (Yes, purchased - I didn't install the stuff to be able to play burned games) The New Super Mario Bros, and it won't play without updating the system. So I have a few questions.

    1.) How would I update my system to 4.2 without bricking it? I use banner bomb.

    2.) Or if I can't do that, how would I make my system virgin enough again to where it could update without bricking? Is there a tool that can take off all the illicit stuff?

    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere.

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    Ah, I found the guide on making my system a virgin, so that's all solved. Sorry.


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