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Thread: wii freeloader

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    wii freeloader

    hi all

    i just modded my wii and it works fine, i wanted to burn the wiiloader which i downloaded and after extracting the image it told me it was just over a gig in size. just wondered if that sounded about right for it and if theres any special way to burn the image as it would be on a dual layer dvd or if a regular burn in nero would be fine




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    If it's small enough to go on a Single Layer... then use a single layer.

    It'll be fine just burn it nice and slow.

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    cheers for that mate - tried it on a few games that i felt wernt backed up correctly (all i got was a black screen when tried to load) but now goes through fine without any probs at all - had to use a dl dvd though cos of the size of the prog but definatly worth having!!

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    Hello every1, i am new in here how i can get freeloader on wii please help thanks alot

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    How to use the freeloader after i burn it on a dvd?

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    u load FreeLoader into Disc Channel..... it starts and comes out with some burr graphics, then finish..... take it out, load ur game disc for fun !
    simple, isn't it ? :P

    p.s. forget FreeLoader, if u're at 3.3/3.4U ! lol

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    hmm yep simple....thnxxx...will try that soon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by joinx View Post
    hmm yep simple....thnxxx...will try that soon...
    I have one more stupid question...

    I have to play pal games which freeloader i need?? i'm somewhat confused so asking before...


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