I have a problem with my wii. Before my wii firmware 3.2u, and I have been update to firmware 4.1u offline (waninkoko). But after I finish that update and I insert wii sport resort game (ntsc-u) and my wii update again. And after that my wii brick (black screen). And I go to preloader, and go Homebrew Channel to reinstall firmware update 4.1u and restart. After that my machine can boot to system menu and I install back preloader 0.30 r4. But now after I play game wii fit plus and wii music and go back to system menu from game, my wii will display system menu corrupt... (I didn't remember all words). To come back to system menu I must play another game (usually I used New Super Mario Bros) from USBloader and back to menu. And I try to install CiosCorp 3.5, but still same. And I got new problem, Homebrew Channel became upside down. I reinstall IOS36 from update offline and it solve. But system menu corrupt problem still same. Please give me solution for my problem. Thank you very much before.

My wii was NTSC-U (US version) with D2C key.

*sorry if my English bad