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Thread: did it work or not

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    did it work or not

    hi thanx for the posts on modding my v4.1e i THINK i managed to mod it last night followed all instructions and no errors came up,reason for this thread is can anyone tell me if there is a way to see if the mod has worked as i do not own as yet a backup,tried to rip a game but dvd drive no good.
    any help would be greatas you can imagine its like having a xmas pressie and not be able to open
    many thanx dave

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    We understand the frustration unfortunately the best and truest way to try it out will be with a backup. From the looks of you post you did it all right and you didn't error out it should all be working now. If you installed DVDx you could try mplayer CE and see if a regular DVD movie works which would mean the backups should work.

    GL and happy playing.

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    You cannot use your DVD drive on your computer to rip games, unless you have one of the LG drives that can be flashed to rip Wii games. Best way to rip a game is either by WiFi [].

    Or by using a USB Loader in conjuction with a compatible USB HDD [you can find the compatibility list in my sig]:

    You could also download a Wii game ISO and burn it to a disc [use good media, verbatim or riteks are the best, using ImgBurn at slowest speed possible, also make sure you use -Rs unless you know how to change the booktype to DVD-ROM then you may use +Rs]

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    will give a go cheers


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