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Thread: AUTOUSBGX v0.1 Final

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    AUTOUSBGX v0.1 Final

    Hi here is a mod of priiloader i have done to support usblodergx as a startup option.
    i wanted to make it easier for my kids (more my wife really ;-) ) to use
    usbloadergx buy auto booting into it instead of the system menu.
    after playing with forwarders i thought it would be great if the was an option in preloader.
    so here is my mod of the latest svn of priiloader to support it.



    thx to DacoTaco & /phpgeek for making the source publicly availble.

    download and install instructions below
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    Thanks for this, will definatly be using

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    autoboot file:

    install usb loader gx dol.

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    this is such time saving, I'll will use it for sure


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