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Thread: Newbie Question, Forgive Me

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    Cool Newbie Question, Forgive Me

    Hello all, this is my first post so i'd just like to say hello to everyone. I've used this forum as a basis for softmodding my WII and after several hours of pain and frusteration, I do believe i've finally configured it to be brick proof (if there is such a thing). Anywho, after all this work and a two day torrent download of Mario Galaxy, i was finally ready to burn and play the disk on my backup loader!!! After watching two or three Youtube tutorials i felt confident in burning my first .Iso. Long story short, i burned my disk and ran downstairs to my WII as quickly as possible, booted up my WII, popped in my disk, and loaded my backup loader. Unfortunately when loading i got an error, so after a couple more minutes of online research i realised that you can't burn games onto a DVD-RW, which is all i had of course. So then i looked at my other options: a sd card or usb drive... I had both but to my despair neither were over 4GB so it wasn't an option. Unfortunately for me I am dead broke and can't afford new disks, sd card, or a usb drive. So i now ask you, forums, as a last desperate act to play my game, if it'd be possible to hook my WII up directly to my PC and play it off my internal hard drive, i've done searches to find out if I could but turned up nothing. Anyways thank you and i hope to hear back from some of you soon!

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    No you can not hook your Wii up to the PC at this time to play games.
    Hopefully some bright person will network the Wii via the PC.

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiidoggii View Post
    No you can not hook your Wii up to the PC at this time to play games.
    Hopefully some bright person will network the Wii via the PC.
    What they said

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    well for alot of USB loaders they need to format the portable hard drive to be read by the wii. which means youll lose everything on your hard drive and your conmputer wont be able to read it if you manage to get that idea of yours working.

    but if you want, searcehd around for a compressed or tim iso of super mario galaxy, put it on a USB and use Uloader to load it up.

    Altho i coulda sworn -RW disc's worked

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    -RW might work if you had a modchip, I know they worked with mine, albeit they were hellish noisy as the laser scrabbled about looking for data.

    -R work the best, must be good quality media.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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