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Thread: SNES Emulation On The Wii

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    SNES Emulation On The Wii

    Via Engadget:

    "SNES emulator SNES9X has been successfully ported to the Wii, allowing the core of original SNES fans, rapidly approaching middle-age as they are, to relive their gaming youths.

    Information on the homebrew app is sketchy at the moment, but we do know that it features classic controller support and comes bundled with a whole swathe of other emulators for the Wii including: Genesis / Sega CD Emu, Master System / Game Gear Emu, PC Engine Emu, Rin Gameboy Channel, Emu Loader and Wii Paint"

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    hasn't it been out for a while now? i've had a multiboot disc for about 2 months now. maybe i'm missing something in your post

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    Sounds good, are the emulators as good as the buit in support on the Wii?

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    Any update on how good it is?

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    Its been out a while and you find other discussions in the forum. Its pretty good.

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    Yeah, I've been using this for a while. It's great to play all of your favorite classic games.

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    SNES9x is a-mazing, use it just about everyday 8)

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    Any Wii 4.0U updates?

    So I have been trying to get the multi emulator disc working on my wii. You know, the one that has 8640 games on it. I've used 'wiiemus' to get snes on a disc. Well, everything is fine and dandy up to the point where I select the region for my SNes. I have chosen NTSC, which mine is... And I get stuck at a green screen.. Nothing.... Does anyone have a 4.0U update to the emulator working? EVERY forum I look at is from 06' - 08'. Asking for an April 09' update please!!


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