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Thread: mario galaxy weird issue

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    mario galaxy weird issue

    i burned a mario galaxy wii iso to a dvd +r at someone else s house

    but now i got a "disc read error"

    i tried the disc with dolphin emu and it works like it should

    but i cant seem to rip the dvd so i can burn the iso again.

    i tried several dvd ripper tools and none of them can detect the iso exept for

    dolphin emu which plays it fine.

    please help me rip the DVD.

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    TRY IMG_BURN (google it, its freeware)

    That is all i use for buring my games....

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    yea try IMGburn or i believe you can rip an ISO with wiiscrubber (not sure as ive rarely used it).

    if not just go back to your mates place and reburn it onto a DVD-r at 4X.

    DVD+r's should let the game read but they can apparently wreck the wiis lazer


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