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Thread: Original Wii Games no longer loading

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    Original Wii Games no longer loading

    I've had my wii softmod on version 3.3e and everything worked fine, should of left it alone, tryed to install NeoGamma loader but now none of my original games load. In the wii channel on the opening screen the game comes up, once selected it try's to load but goes back to main menu screen. I didn't have a NAND so I did a system upgrade to 4.2e and re-softmod. I can now run games from DVD but unable to from harddrive or original wii games. I know it will be something that I've deleted but not sure what.

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    A little more info would be of help, such as what guide did you use to mod? When you try to run original games, your still getting the return to System Menu problem?


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