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Thread: Black Limited Edition Wii burnt dvd playback?

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    Black Limited Edition Wii burnt dvd playback?

    I'm a total wii n00b...need help...and would very much appreciate some help.
    I'd like to buy a Black Limited Edition Wii and I'd even be willing to go for it being able only to play backups from USB/SD card...but I would very much like to softmod it for DVD playback of homemade burned DVDs.
    Is that at all possible?

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    no you would have to use usb loader because it'll have the new chipset that dont reed dvdr's

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    Big N's really overdid it this could they be that disrespectful to their customers to have such basic things like reading DVDs (burnt I admit) not readable?
    Just a side question, what kind of DVDs are original Nintendo games, could I buy those blank and burn my movies so MPlayer CE on Wii could play them then?
    And isn't there a way for Wii to distinguish between a DVD game disc backup and a DVD video disc, burned on a Verbatim (or whatever other) cheap disc?
    TIA again
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