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    I have USA console with D2CKey installed about 2 years ago never update since i had it is there or do i need to update it also never multi reigon from day 1
    have to use freeloader to play pal games Im still on 3.2u is it safe to upgrade to 4.1 fireware or higher at the moment all the latest games plays with no problems
    any tips please !!!

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    I also have a D2Ckey and am currently on 4.1 - from what I've read, 4.2 causes nothing but problems so I'd say 4.1 should be the highest, but I am no expert. I am currently having problems getting NSMB to work, even after following several tutorials, think it might have to do with my D2Ckey. Let me know if you've come accross anything. Thanx.

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    Im on 4.2 right now with no problems. I wanted to play the new super mario bros so i softmodded my Wii. Now i can play it on a usb hard drive along with all my other games

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    I have a d2ckey too and updated to 4.2u. I don't know if it was coincidence, but a lot of my backed up games stopped working. Did the softmod that's the sticky on this site, and things are working again, including the NSMB.


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