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Thread: GC backups and HDD/SD recommendations?

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    GC backups and HDD/SD recommendations?

    I'll buy a Wii at christmas and after reading a lot here and there I've decided to ask some things I couldn't find.

    New Wiis can't read DVD-R so I'll propably have only the USB loader option, will it be possible to play Game Cube backups this way? If not, is there any other way to play them?
    Also, what external HDDs and SD cards do you recommend?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The only way you can play GC isos from a USB HDD is via WODE, theres a list of HDDs that will work on the Wii I recommend Western Digital.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.
    What about SD cards though?

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    Not sure as to what work best but my 2GB SanDisk has been working without a problem for about 2 years now.

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    Great. Thanks a lot ^^

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    I'm in the same situation, I got a black Wii and it has the D3-2 drive. I'm using a Flatmii to load my gamecube backups. You can install the Remote iso loader channel so you can choose which ISO to load from the Wii.
    If you have a pc near the wii that you can store the games on then it's a good chip, if not then I'd go with the Wode.

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    ya agreed so far and without WODE, FLATMII is only way i know of putting your GC backup on a hard drive and running them through the wii. mines just regular wii i bought alil over a year ago from the store and installed the flatmii. was updated to 3.2u until a few weeks ago and updated to 4.2u. other than that is just softmods and everything works fine. i also run it through my computers drive which is a WD or my external drive plugged into my computer (not the wii) which is a WD passport. but like most new things, a new wii might not like the flatmii even with new drivers and software, you'll just have to search around and see who's tried it.
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