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Thread: Install a Hard Drive to Your Wii???

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    Question Install a Hard Drive to Your Wii???

    So I was looking for "Wii Hard Drive", just to see what space the wii had, and was surprised to find this:
    Install a Hard Drive to Your Wii - FAT32 hard drive or SD card? - Softpedia

    And not only that, but google's suggestion was "wii hard drive hack"...

    So I was curious, and thought I'd ask here, what do you guys know about this hack..

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    this is quite interesting going to do some research on it now~

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    These were the original instructions of Destructoid but later, they updated the article and mentioned that nobody can get this to work.
    It also says that on their site.

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    lol this might just something to get people attention. There are alot of attention whores out there. However I do believe in the mere future Wii will have external HD support. I don't think nintendo just made 2 USB slot on the back of a game console for look and for 1 Ethernet jack. They're keeping this as future launches to keep their console on the market for a long time. They started mentioning DLC in future games so it might be all possible. But it could just be another disappointment because Rock band coming out for wii with no DLC T.T

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    The article is from 6.12.2006 .... so what?

    USB Mass Storage Support is on its way, but i ll take some time.


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