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Thread: error #002 help please

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    Angry error #002 help please

    need help please just put homebrew in wii and put burnt game in and this blue screen pops up errer #002 what is it and how do i fix it please and only new to this thanks

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    First I will tell you to start reading this website alittle more as you can find that answer on here. But I will explane it to you as well. The blue error 002 screen is due to missing an ios. That screen only appears when a game uses either ios38, 53, or 55 but you dont have that ios installed on your console. To fix that problem, download all 3 of those wads (which can be found on this site) and install them via wad manager. Another way you can fix that problem (well band aid it) is by using neogamma's settings and turn anti 002 fix to yes (make sure you have an sd card in to save the configurations). Another problem you might run into down the road is the black screen freeze when loading a game. Your wiimote will not sync in and youll have to hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut the console off. This is also due to not having an ios installed. You would get this problem if you tried Guitar Hero 5 which uses ios56. If you either dump your wii games or download them, you can use iospatcher to see what ios that game uses. Then if you pop in the game and you get either the error 002 or the black screen, then you know you need to install that ios. Also having that ios installed will prevent disc updates from happening. You should have preloader installed and set up to bypass them just in case.
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    search for a custom backup loader with the 002 fix but first get a bunch of cIOS installers like 36, 37, 38, 222, 223, 249 etc. install all of them and then put on the 002 fixed loader.

    also what game where you trying, cause new super mario bros wii has a security patch by nintendo that prevents the game being backed up but you can repatch it


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