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Thread: uLoader @ Configurable USB loader.

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    Ca uLoader @ Configurable USB loader.

    Ok so i just got everything working on my system..
    Have 42.u
    HBC and the newest Cios and configurable usb loader.

    Uloader also gives erros on some games..

    so i'm trying to figure out what ret -1 and ret -2 actually mean.
    And if there would be away to solve them and only use one loader.
    Prefibally Configurable usb loader.

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    Hi KaP10, where have you been having this problem? Is it while playing a game or while adding or updating something?

    If i have helped in anyway please hit the THANKS BUTTON

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    its been happening when coppying games to the HDD in CFG Loader happened to 3 games out of about 15 but other loader copied them fine...


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