Hi, I'm playing The Beatles Rock Band by using the neogamma R6. I bought some songs via the game and tried to save them in my SD. They were saved in my wii, the game says that they are transfered to my SD. The thing is: They do not get off my wii system memory. I tried to manually delete the files and it worked at first, the songs appear to be loaded from the SD. But if I turn on the game, It says that "there are files that need to be moved to the SD", but they can't be moved at all, it displays a message that the SD card is corrupted. If I check the data management on my wii, there's less space then before and a "ghost file" (I really don't know what to call it. It's like an empty save data, but it's the first save file appearing, and not the one after my older save, like usual). I then go to the list of songs in the game and I find that there are some downloadable songs there and that they are being loaded from the wii. So I go to the music store, try to delete the songs and got a message that said :"Unable to delete content". Back to data management screen, I find that the "ghost file" has became a Beatles Rock Band DLC file. If I delete it, the message about the SD card being corrupted stops and I can play the songs I've downloaded previously just fine. But eventually the problem starts again. And even though it says that the files were transfered to my SD card, it's free blocks do not decrease. I'm guessing that the songs are still in my wii system memory in a sort of way, hence the constant files that are re-appearing at my data management screen.

Anyway, I searched about this and the cause appears to be running the game through the backup/USB launcher. But informations were kinda scarce, so I was wondering: There's any way to fix or get around that? Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, and btw, my wii system version is 3.2