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    I ordered the wii clip, d2pro chip, and d2pro prog "which was preordered?" I've emailed about a tracking number and if the d2pro was in stock or not and I haven't received one email back.

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    Thumbs up they are good for it

    they are good for it.... unless there was a problem out of their usual with any preorder items ...don't expect fast delivery from anyone.

    I've ordered a few things from them and never a problem

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    Ya, same here man..

    Ordered one or two products from them and ive never had a prob.

    Patience is a virtue

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    I would like to share with you this horrible experience I had with Canadian MOD website ModChipCentral (Mod*Central*Ltd.*).

    I made the order for the modded DVD drive from ModChipCentral on June 8th, they quickly invoiced my account, thus the waiting for the package to ship began.
    I received the package on the 23rd only to discover that delivery packaging was poor and one of the wires was disconnected (if you ask me this was due to bad welding, shaking the package normally does not cause welding points to break)
    When they were told of this they advised me to take the DVD with the WASABI chip to a professional welding shop in Israel (where I live), I asked them about reimbursing me for this and they agreed.
    As agreed the wire was welded into place, this still did not fix the issue, instead when inserting a disc (WII sports original or downloaded DVD) I now received "Unable to read the disk" error message.

    ModChipCentral advised me to ship the unit back to Canada.

    After inspection they told me that they connected the wrong bridge on the WASABI chip, which caused the WII to "be" in NTSC region instead of PAL (should this even matter now that this is a "hacked" drive???) and this is somehow my fault!! (!!!!!)

    They shipped a new (or the same one I can not tell) unit, this time this unit works although I must say that I can notice longer loading time for WII sports.

    ModChipCentral did not reimburse me for - shipping or for fixing the loose wire or for taxes I had to pay twice when receiving the unit!

    I was dealing with "Sylvester G" from ModChipCentral.

    My order ID: #29655

    My recommendation is to STAY AWAY LIKE FIRE!
    I advise you to buy in a different store instead of getting RIPPED OFF by these unprofessional lying imbeciles.

    Do not believe some "positive" posts about this store, I made my decision based on these, I have a suspision they are making these posts....

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    I ordered my d2pro9 + wii-clip from modchipcentral and they answered my email faster than the other guys. They shipped the next business day with tracking number, and I got the package about 4 days later which was the estimate they gave me for clearing customs and going thru the postal system in my country.

    So, I had a very good experience with them.

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    Stay away like the plague, took 3 weeks to receive (Los Angeles). Crappy service and packaging.

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    I realized that since this is my only post to this forum that I offer zero credibility but I will say that I've dealt with this company on three separate occasions now. The customer service is really good although problems are definitely common. One order didn't include the tri-wing screwdriver that I purchased but with a quick e-mail, they sent one to me for free right away. I'm also having troubles with another install D2E and they are going the extra mile to correct the issue as best they can. They've never taken longer than a day to respond to me and they always write back.

    As far as being upset about duties and taxes, your customs forms can get you out of it at least once because it was defective and therefore you don't pay taxes on junk (or at least minimal). But if you read the fine print on any warranty that I've ever seen, no company will offer to cover taxes and customs fees, regardless of the circumstances... just like Best Buy won't cover your gas and tolls to return a broken product


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