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Thread: Wii No Longer Reads WBFS Drives

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    Wii No Longer Reads WBFS Drives

    I have two different USB drives that I've used for loading games with both NeoGamma and USBLoader GX. Yesterday, after adding another game to one of these drives, neither NG nor USBLGX would mount the drive. I thought maybe I had just screwed up the partition on the USB drive somehow, but I can still read/write the drive with WBFS on both my Linux and Mac machines.

    Curious, I tried the other drive, which I hadn't touched and was still loading last time I used it. It, too, cannot be mounted in any of the loaders on my Wii.

    In USBLoader GX, I get odd colored lines at startup, and then the "Waiting for your slow USB device", then kicked back out to the Wii Menu. In NeoGamma, when I choose to load from USB, it tries the defined number of times and then goes back to the NeoGamma menu.

    Any ideas?

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    why dont you try reinstalling both ios249 and usbloader?

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