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Thread: everything freezes in the homebrew channel

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    everything freezes in the homebrew channel

    Hi there,
    Got a problem with my softmodded wii 4.2E
    If i want to use the configurable USB Loader in the HBC it freezes if the picture loads up.
    Actually anything like the wadmanager, AnyTitleDeleterMOD and the Hermes cIOS Installer freezes when i want to start them up.
    (they all been working before..)
    I did an update via the Wii but it didn't help (at least it didn't brick my Wii!)
    I can't fix this so i want to "virginalyze" my Wii so i can start again with the mod stuff....
    can anyone push me in the right direction?
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    if you have updated to 4.2 via nintendo, you must start from the jhacking guide for 4.2 sysmenus

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    thanx to the re-install everything works again.
    I can't get the preloader from the hacking guide for 4.2 sysmenus start working.
    i've download a preloaderv0.30r4-phpgeek.dol file but i think it's missing a hacks.ini file because if i want to install he's nagging about "root bla bla"?

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    u have to use trucha bug restorer


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    I've used the StartPatch_v4.2.4E to get what i wanted:
    get rid of that annoying health screen, got all the games working with configurable USB loader and got the simpson theme installed.
    So everything is working right now but i can't make a nand backup of my Wii.
    shall i leave it this way because everything is working okay or do i have to install that trucha bug restorer?
    thanx for the help


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