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Thread: after softmod

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    after softmod

    after u softmod is there somthing else u must do to play usb back ups on the wii cuz i still get a blank screen and i have done everything everyone told me

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    more info may help.
    What is your system, which guide did you follow etc to softmod.
    Have you then followed this excellent tutorial. Here
    Have you checked to see if you HDD is compatable. check here.

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    i followed supersonic guide and my wii is 4.2E

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    try this one here
    Check that it plays back up games before doing the usb installer

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    check what(by the way it tried messie guide and the same happens)

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    does it play back up games that you have on dvds through neogamma?

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    have not tried but i will try how do u put wii iso on disk
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    Try reading this. This will explain it all I hope.
    If the games run then at least you know that the system has been softmod properly.
    Remember to play the game through the neogamma channel.


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