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Thread: PES 2010 classic controller configuration?

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    PES 2010 classic controller configuration?

    Hi.Has anyone got classic controller pes 2010 configuration?I mean which button is for what.I know all basic like short pass,long pass etc. but I was wondering if there is any more combinations.thx

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    Yo... I really need this too... has anyone got back to you yet?

    Can anyone help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewgordon View Post
    Yo... I really need this too... has anyone got back to you yet?

    Can anyone help?
    Hi, sorry I cant remember the exact link but I found a review of the game mentioned that one of the drawbacks to using Classic controller was that some of the extra moves that you can use with the nunchuk/wiimote werent added.

    Also the game was marked down for not having configurable buttons on Classic.
    I just wish it supported gamecube contoller too

    Hopefully they might patch it in later but i doubt it
    ******************extract from reviw at
    Control and Gameplay

    The game offers two types of controls: the first one is the standard remote and nunchuk configuration while the second one is the classic controller. The classic controller is my configuration of choice here, as it is much more precise and less clunky than the remote/nunchuk combo.

    The classic controller has the disadvantage of trying to fit too many actions on a small number of buttons. This means that some of the subtleties of the game are lost in the middle of action. Just dribbling requires a good amount of skill and quick thinking. You can dribble normally by simply using the control stick, dribble quickly by also pressing the R button, or dribble slowly by pressing the Z button. Same goes for the strikes, which can be hard and imprecise or quick and precise depending on the button you press at the same time as the kick button. Passing, on the other hand, uses three different buttons depending on the type and strength of pass you are looking for. The controls are not overly complicated once you learn what each button does, it’s just that a game like soccer requires such a large amount of subtleties that properly learning every technique can take a while to memorize.

    The classic controller also offers the possibility to kick the ball via the right thumbstick, which takes a little bit of time getting used to. The right thumbstick controls the strength of the kick, while the left thumbstick controls the direction. Precise coordination is a must, and I found using the buttons to be much more efficient.

    The remote/nunchuk combo simplifies most of the actions, such as shooting, passing and tackling by relying on the remote’s pointing ability to target players and the net. While it makes the game much simpler, it also requires a little bit of coordination between pointing and moving the player in opposite directions. There’s also defending from corner kicks which is done by shaking the nunchuk at the right time. While I am a bigger fan of the classic controller as it offers more possibilities in terms of plays, I cannot fault the motion controls here, which are perfect for most casual player. The controls also register shakes and pointing accurately, and work flawlessly according to their mapped functions.

    Control and Gameplay Rating: Good
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    option file for pes2010

    you might want to check this too
    pes 2010 WII editor - Evo-Web Forums

    basically u need savegame extractor/installer added as a hb channel.

    overwrite edit-us to edit-eu for pal .........and lots updated

    still work in progress but its lookin good
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