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Thread: Any SMB, NFS or SSH servers/clients out there?

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    Arrow Any SMB, NFS or SSH servers/clients out there?

    I've been using FTPii and it's not shabby, but for some reason my home network takes issue with FTP. Most client apps don't want to connect, and when I find one that does my transfers are slow and unexpectedly stall, which is a huge pain for larger files in particular.

    On the other hand, all the data I could possibly ever need in the world sits on a network share, which I can access via SMB (or "samba", i.e. standard Windows network share), NFS (the Linux-native equivalent), or SSH (via SCP).

    I can initiate the connection from either end, meaning it doesn't matter to me if the Wii is a client or a server for any of these. I just want to be able to copy things to and from the SD card and USB-connected HDD over the Wii's wifi connection.

    I know there are several applications out there that can read from SMB shares (MPlayer, xNES emulators, etc) so I assume there are no technical difficulties with this. I'm also aware of the Wii Linux distro which would of course work, but I'm ideally looking for a bit more light-weight.

    Is there homebrew out there that can accommodate my needs?

    PS. A File Explorer to move data to and from SD < --- > HDD would be sweet, too. Preferably integrated with the aforementioned SMB/NFS/SCP client

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    Okay, so I did some research and found WiiXplorer (without too much effort, actually). It does what I need it to for now and I'm greatly anticipating the new OOP version and future features! Higher resolutions and support for more file operations (text editing in particular) would all be terrific add-ons.

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    I am using Filezilla as the FTP client on my XP to the Wii FTPii server with no problems.
    (well a minor one that FTPii does not start my hard drive when it is in sleep mode, unlike mplayer ce or uloader so I have to 'un-sleep' it first by running one of these).
    It worked fine with a different USb drive but I wanted one that switches on automatically and sleeps too, to save power.
    Filezilla works fine for me in wireless (slow) and wired (fairly slow). I am still trying to find out where the slow speed for wired comes from. Tested other network connections and disk speed but a few more bits to check yet.
    Filezilla doesn't seem to drop out and all seems fine.
    What I need (as posted elsewhere) is Samba server running on the Wii so i can map a Wii drive from XP.
    if you come across anything please post !

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    Hi Lacheck,
    Just checked our wiixplorer and set it up with SMB shares so I can now copy from USB drive to and from my servers.
    It is fairly slow but about 2 1/2 times faster than FTPii
    have you done any speed tests?
    My 56,000,000 Byte file FTP in about 4 mins but the Wii xplorer in about minute and a half.
    All other FTP on my network runs at 10 - 20 times this so I am getting slow performance and delays when looking at online videos

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    FTPii is slow, because it uses USB 1.1

    If you copy to the SD Card, it is twice as fast. But with USB Ethernet connection is 450 kb/s also too slow for me.

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    chr0max, Do you know why ? Is it because of the way FTPii is written? There is USB2.0 support (Just google it) available so I may try installing the CIOS to try and see if it is faster.

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