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Thread: increase neogamma disk speed

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    increase neogamma disk speed


    my wii has been successfully softmodded according to the guide on this site. but i've been reading that burned disks only read at 3x speed and that might explain why some games are quite slow loading. is there any solution to this that they will read at the full 6x speed or maybe someone can help me to understand this better? thanks!


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    Make sure you're using verbatim dvd-r's and burn at a slow speed. I doubt its a neogamma issue

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    You are stuck with 3x, it's a limitation of the backup loaders.

    USB Loaders have no such restriction and work at 6x plus a little more.
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    Interesting. I've always loaded off discs and have never noticed a lag in load times. Then again, maybe I'm just used to it as it HAS been a while since a retail disc has been in my drive.

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    thanks everyone!

    yes it's not that bad and it's probably most convenient but i was just curious as i read some stuff on google. well i might look into usb loader or who knows maybe someone comes up with 6x backup loader one day??? :-)



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