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Thread: Help needed please!!!

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    Help needed please!!!

    Hi im new to this wii thought i would softmod my wii of one of the links on here i followed all the instructions to instal homebrew & neogamma ect..When i finished the homebrew channel was on but no neogamma??? but the wii still when i put my wii on all that comes up is a white screen with some options on it which are as follows...

    System Menu
    Homebrew Channel
    BootMii IOS
    Installed File
    Load/instal file
    system menu hacks

    also some other bits in the corners..but the problem is i cant do want even snyc the controler to the wii...can some help and tell me wats happend thanks...

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    Try to navigate with a gc controller. That's your preloader you're seeing. Change the setting of boot to: to system menu

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    thanks all sorted...but the neogamma backup loader isnt there how come that is???? i followed the link to a t..

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    Not sure why you're having problems with it. Just re-install. I think messie has it as a forwarded in his 4.2 guide if you want it as a channel.

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    Seems they are having problems with that wad for some reason. Try the one from this post.

    Wiihacks - Nintendo Wii Hacks Community - View Single Post - New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii

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    all done..and all working thanks for all the help


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