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Thread: So the Black Wii can be modded + questions

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    Question So the Black Wii can be modded + questions

    Hi ,
    I saw a Black Wii on that was just described as modded wii black console and Wii fit plus + 5 games @ 284.99 .

    1) I am considering buying it, does anybody know this company is trust worthy, just want to be sure I am getting the best for my money and for her .

    2) firstly although my gf wants a black one and doesn't really want second hand would it be wiser to buy one off Ebay and to flash it myself, how easy is it?, I'd be fine with straight forward step by step instructions.

    3) My other concern is would this black one not load from backup discs because of the new drive and is it harder to use the sd cards

    I guess the bottom line is that if this black Wii does play back ups and its simple to work then I'll go for it so long as I have the reassurance that its a good idea from you guys who know much more than I do thanks in advance for any help
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    From what I've seen on here, the chances of it loading burnt discs is slim. It seems that most people with the new black wii are limited to usb loading. Also I would recommend getting a used one and doing it yourself. You never know how these people modded it, and if you ever need to do something down the road with a softmod you don't want to be wet behind the ears. The guides are easy to follow and people are helpful around here if you hit a brick wall.


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