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Thread: What or what not to do now!

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    What or what not to do now!

    Ive been modding systems since the psx days and allways fitted modchips so the soft modding has left me behind somewhat..
    i got a wii sysmen v4 with wiikey2 fitted and all was well untill i wanted to backup the new super mario.

    i did some searching and found this site and with some great tutorials i now have homebrew channel and Backup Loader gamma installed and mario working... i kept reading some more and now have usb loader gx running from my sd card (next thing i intend to do is put that on as a channel.. i'm sure there's a guide here... i'll find it)

    What happens if i update from disk of via internet (my son plays mariokart online)? will it brick the wii or just stop the softmod working?

    is there some homebrew that will download the different cios's or ios's that i will need for future releases?

    Thanks in advance

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    Provided you have latest HBC.

    Internet update will give you 4.2, which will remove your cIOS and ability to play backups. Avoid. Some risk of bricks from accepting update.

    Currently disc update will bring you to 4.1, which will not affect anything. In future when 4.2 disc updates arrive see above.

    Nothing automatic. Tackle the problem when a game arrives that doesn't work.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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