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Thread: Recover Wii Serial Number

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    Recover Wii Serial Number

    I lost my wii serial number, cannot find any sticker under my wii or a warranty card. Is there a homebrew app to tell me my serial?
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    I have been modding these for almost 2 years now and have not come across such an app. That not to say there is no such thing. Have you tried Wikipedia for home brew apps listings?

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    There is no way to recover your Wii Serial short of actually sending it to Nintendo, and they could possibly find out what it is by way of the MAC Address on the WiFi. All MAC Addresses are unique, so it goes to say, they probably have the serials and MACs catalogued somewhere.
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    A little less problems

    Can I use Xyzzy to find my serial? If I found out the last few numbers of the serial, what are the first few letters for a Japanese wii?
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