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Thread: Homebrewed' Wii to another Homebrew'd Wii - Question

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    Homebrewed' Wii to another Homebrew'd Wii - Question

    Yo to you all, not so newbie but, questions arise.

    I have had my wii modded for some time and I am very happy with all the work emu teams out there have done.

    After installing a "WAD" game. Is it possible to hand over the SD card to another Wii owner unmodded or modded and it will work?
    Just by running the game from the SD card.

    It's all good here and thanks ahead of time!

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    Straight from Wikipedia:

    Virtual Console games are locked to the Wii on which they were purchased—they cannot be transferred to another Wii via an SD card, although it is possible to purchase games in the Wii Shop Channel and send them as gifts to people on their Wii Friends list.[31] This procedure does not work across regions and it has been reported that bought titles cannot be sent to users from other countries either, even if they are on the same region.[32] In the event that a Wii is damaged and the Virtual Console games can no longer be played, Nintendo will provide support (if the serial number or console email name can be provided.).[33]

    I'm pretty sure that you may be able to do it with "pirated" games, but i am not 100% sure about that. I'm pretty sure that once the wad is installed [kinda like being purchased] that it is locked to that console, and thus could not be tranferred to another console. Seeing as the wad has to be installed first before moving it over to the SD card.
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    Yep s0ur nailed it for unmodded Wii's. However if it is a modded wii and you have the original Wad file it should not be a problem just install via Wad manager. If it is a bought downloaded game I believe you are out of luck.

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