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Thread: error 001 new super mario

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    error 001 new super mario

    Hey Guys I recently soft modded my wii but I keep getting the 001 error while trying to play the new mario.

    I have followed the guide step by step but still get the error.

    Menu 4.1u
    I have cios38 rev14 installed
    I have tried backup loader and neo gamma6 and 7 without any luck.
    I do have an older chip installed but I don't remember which one I have.

    Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong?

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    the "new super Mario" has a new copy protection added. Search on here for the super mario soft mod guide. It will tell what you need to do to get it running.

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    Thx I will take a look at the guide tonight. I guess I should of tried a few other games to try and narrow my issue down to mario or my wii.


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