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Thread: Pretty specific problem but now my Wii doesn't read discs

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    Question Pretty specific problem but now my Wii doesn't read discs

    Alright I'll try to make this as brief as I can, basically I got a Wii and a Wiikey both when they first came out, so it's a generation 1 Wii and Wiikey. I installed it and played backups and everything just fine, followed through with all the updates all the way through 1.9s (which I think was the newest, the one to play Brawl) and all of that was fine. That is until my Wii got knocked over..

    Then the disc drive wouldn't play any discs, originals or otherwise. I opened the Wii back up and saw that the problem is one of the contact points for the chip was knocked out, I soldered it back in, closed the Wii back up. Original games worked fine again, backups did not.

    So from there I tried to run the 1.9b recovery disc thinking that the problem was now the wiikey firmware had been messed up. I tried to run it a few times followed by the 1.9s install disc to bring everything back up to speed but I had no luck with that. The Wii didn't read any of the discs. Now my Wii doesn't read original discs again either.

    So either the contact point is somehow loose again, or I've messed up the wiikey firmware in such a way that it no longer reads any discs. I'd assume that it's the contact point but I got an original Brawl disc to at least be recognized by the disc channel once, but nothing else since then. Are there any suggestions?

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    I would say since the original problem started with the knocking over that the problem is something physical and not something software based. I would take the chip completely out and make sure it still runs original discs and then either replace the chip or if you're good with a soldering iron resolder the chip one more time. It sounds like the chip or the drive might be dead.

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    Yeah, I think it's the chip to be honest. I'm gonna try to take it out completely and see if I can play original discs. Problem is I'm back at school now and I won't be able to do it until I go back home in about 3 weeks.


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