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Thread: NSMB wiikey gen 1

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    Ca NSMB wiikey gen 1

    Ok i have a 1st gen console with a first gen will key. I have updated to 4.2u and have installed homebrew and NeoGamma r8 beta 1.

    Neo gamma loads all my previously burnt games except for NSMB
    I have cios38 rev 14 installed as iso249
    I used Dop-IOS to trucha sign ios53 Becasue i read that it needed to be done to play nsmb
    [/INDENT]A direct iso burn of nsmb release from qwiif will play in both neogamm r8 beta 1 and nintendo's disk channel but will give an error after a few minuits stating to remove the dist and restart the console

    I patched a copy of NSMB using

    It had me run a batch file and it recreated the nsmb iso.

    When i put the patched copy into the system the nintendo channel doesnt recconise it and Neogamm gives an error of 1020

    any help would be great..

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    Ok i found

    I didnt have the patches in the neogamma folder. i coppied them over but now i cant find the search patches option where is it located

    OK i got it working now.. I never saved the config and i was putting the patches in the wrong folder.
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