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Thread: cioscorp 3.5??????

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    cioscorp 3.5??????

    K read up on it but still fussy do you have to update to 4.2 or what? after you put cioscorp on the wii I just updated all other needed apps and where do you get the wad for 4.2?????? and is everyone going to go to this soon since you don't need loaders with this anymore or wait cause don't see alot of people talking about this app sounds good

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    unless you use waninkoko's updater do not go beyond 4.1. 4.2 will give you nothing but grief. Many people are using USB portable HD's as opposed to backup channels. As for Cioscorp some people swear by it others stay away from it. It comes down to personal preference. my self a 250gb HD is good if you can afford to go bigger great. BTW 90 games on the 250gb.

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