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Thread: ntfs to fat 32 file corrupt

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    ntfs to fat 32 file corrupt

    I have a files corrupt problem. My files were downloaded to a Ntfs HD and copied to a disk. Then i transfered to a external HD just for storing still compressed ( winrar ) This HD was Fat 32. Now if i want to uncompress it, it comes up with an error. File corrupt. Has this happened to anyone or does anyone know why ?

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    I wouldn't be so quick to put blame on the format of the HDD. I have see this with files other than Wii games. Could be a bad download or upload, could be the uploaders fault. If you cant extract the corrupted file you're outta luck, get a different one.

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    hi thanks for reply,
    I think you misunderstood. I have downloaded files which were winrared.
    Uncompressed them and copied to disks and work fine. With the winrar file i transfered them to a Fat32 Hard drive for safe keeping. They were on a Ntfs Hard drive before. Now i can't uncompress them. Any game i have around 30 so
    something todo with changing over from Ntfs to Fat 32 i think.


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