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Thread: NeoGamma without HBC and cIOS?

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    NeoGamma without HBC and cIOS?

    I am trying to get NSMB to work on my Wii 4.2e. I have no softmods, but I have a DriveKey modchip installed. I would like to avoid all IOS/cIOS modifications - and if possible I would even like to avoid installing HBC, DVDX and BootMii!! (Leaving my Wii as untouched as possible)

    I can see elsewhere that for users with a modchip, like myself, NSMB should work with NeoGamma R8 right away.

    Would the following work?

    1. Use the bannerbomb v2 hack to load NeoGamma R8 beta15 straight from the SD card (I assume I have to copy the boot.dol file from the NeoGamma .zip archive to the root of the SD card, and that's it).

    2. Insert a disc backup of NSMB (Bahamut release, unpatched) and load it from NeoGamma.

    In particular, I am uncertain whether NeoGamma will load without a cIOS 249 file etc.?

    And whether any ISO modifications (and/or other stuff) is needed to start a game from disc with NeoGamma? (Bear in mind that I have a modchip installed)

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    Yes, Neogamma loads without Cios249, but will not function correctly when Cios249 missing. It switch to IOS36. If you have IOS36 V3094 or lower (highly unlikely for you 4.2E. Then yes unpatched NSMB will work with NeogammaR8 beta7.

    What you ask with you 4.2E system is unrealistic.

    1.Install HBC (Hackmii0.6) with bannerbomb
    2. Run Trucha Bug restorer to downgrade IOS15
    3. Run again to patch IOS36
    4. Run again to restore IOS15
    5. Use NeogammaR8 Beta7 from SD card
    6. Enjoy unpatched NSMB.wii


    1. Buy/Rent/Borrow/Steal a original copy of NSMB.wii
    2. Enjoy.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hehe. Do you have an original copy of NSMB I could borrow for a couple of years, please?

    I gave my crazy idea a try, and you are absolutely right - I just get a black screen when trying to run NeoGamma R8. (I tried beta 15, not beta 7, but I don't think it makes a difference here, right?)

    I assume that other disc loaders, like Gecko OS 1.9.3, would not be able to run without cIOS249 either?

    Ok, if I were to follow your instructions, would I then be able to restore IOS36 to unpatched in any way? (Assuming that I wanted to make my Wii virgin again). Could I use the patched IOS36 to run DOP IOS Mod from HBC and then restore IOS36 to unpatched?!

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    I've been trolling for a while, but with NSMB, I am in need. I have searched and searched for hours, and I have an IT background so I can do some technical stuff. However, I'm feeling a bit lost. I got my Wii modded with a chip so I wouldn't need to do homebrew and stuff, but it sounds like I need to install a homebrew so I can install NeoGamma8, is that correct?

    I was reading HERE and it made it sounds like all I needed was NeoGamma R8 " Or try the newest NeoGamma R8Beta, which should be able to run the Game without any patches needed."

    Help a n00b?

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    I ran it off neogamma7. Check out dave_pm's guide here

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    Quote Originally Posted by junkmailturds View Post
    I ran it off neogamma7. Check out dave_pm's guide here
    Yeah, i foudn that identical post somewhere else. What I am wondering is if you can run NeoGamma R8 Beta by itself or do you need to do something else? I put it on an SD Card, but I couldn't add a channel for it or anything. I am totally new to this, so I don't even know where to start with NeoGamma.

    The above posts makes it sound like I need to run something else first, but that link you supplied makes it sound like it is stand-alone. No instructions come with NeoGamma, so I don't know how to make it run. Your help is appreciated

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    Sigh... NSMB has a new anti-piracy feature called bca check. Click the You Should Have Searched link in my signature to find out a lot of answers to questions you should have searched for. Dave_PM has a guide there to get this game to work, as well as future games that will, no doubt, include the new bca check.


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