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Thread: got error on installing wad

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    got error on installing wad

    hello pls help me..i got wiiv4.1E... im installing IOS50-64-v4889.wad and got error (ret=-1035) and i also got error on installing NeoGamma r8b7.. it will not install..
    what should i do.. thnx

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    Corrupt IOS Most likely caused by using incorrect or bad IOS/wad installations. Fix it the same way as Error 2011.

    Installation Error Most likely installed incorrect or out of date IOS.
    Q. I can't install any IOS, I keep getting an error. How do I fix this?(FIX for errors 1017, 1035,2011)
    A. You can use the Trucha Bug Restorer to patch the ios files that are essential for homebrew. Do this (does not work for 4.2)
    If you are on 4.2, do steps 1-3 of this guide o r do step B and C of this guide


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