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Thread: (blue screen)ERROR #002

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    Exclamation (blue screen)ERROR #002

    iam gettin the following message after tryin to load games via usb loader gx
    from my 250 WD GB HDD.only games DE BLOB and GUITER HERO are playable
    for others this message is commin

    (error #002)blue screen
    an error has occured
    please eject button, remove the game disc, and turn off the power to the console

    please read the wii operations manual for furthur instructions carefully

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    The reason that messege comes up is because you dont have one or more of the following ios' installed..... ios38, 53, and 55. Make sure you install those. Another way to find this out if running games that use ios other than the ones mentioned above is youll get a black screen once the game tries to load. basically, make sure you have the ios installed thats needed to play that game.
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    turn on the option for anti 002 or 002 fix.


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