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Thread: Updating system software??

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    Updating system software??

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for all of your help with modding my wii.

    Here's my next question. I currently have system 4.0u installed on my wii. That's what it came with. I read that if you update your system software, you risk losing your homebrew channel.

    I'd like to update my system software if possible. Can I get the homebrew channel back if I update? Or should I just leave my system as is...

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    In a way what you read is correct but not totally correct. If you were to do a system update through nintendo, you could very well brick your console because the 4.2 nintendo updates are made to brick consoles that have been softmodded, but there have been people that have done that and havent bricked it. Updating through nintendo will in a way remove your homebrew stuff but not all of it. For instance, you might still have your backup launcher but lose your cios249, you might lose some emulators but not all, you might keep HBC but wont work correctly. The best thing to do is run all your updates using the guised on this site. Still you might have to reinstall programs that dont work properly, but you wont have to worry about bricking the console (unless you dont follow the guide). I do know though that whenever you update firmware, you need to reinstall preloader and set that all up again.
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