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Thread: Flickering Video

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    Flickering Video

    I have a few games that will not load from any back up loader. I have tried back up channel, Neo Gamma R7, and Gecko OS none of them work. The game will play but the video is flicking the whole time.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Yea, i assume your playing an out of region game. In that case you will just have to force the video to your region.

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    The discription said USA but i guess its always possable, anything else that could cause this? Is there a ISO patcher that can change ISO from pal to NTSC?

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    You can use regionfrii but changing the settings in neogamma to force ntsc will do the same exact thing. If the screen is flickering and in black and white, then your playing an out of region thus need to force ntsc.
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    Hey Jasons34,
    Man, I held my breath when I thought it was going to be this simple. However, when I force NTSC480i, the game loads to a green screen. 480p loads to a black screen.

    Is it a "double negative" or something. I'm trying to load Wii Fit Plus that was a PAL. I used regionfrii to update to ISO to NTSC, but I got the flickering screen. Thought doing the force would help. Any other suggestions?



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