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Thread: Blocking Updates (and getting my Wii up to date)

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    Blocking Updates (and getting my Wii up to date)

    Hey guys,

    My Wii is a softmod, Twilight hack, at 3.2E. I did it over a year ago and never really updated since. I can use Gecko to play games, the latest being Super Mario Wii. Everything works fine.

    My issue is that when I put games in, the disc loader wants to system update. I know better but I'm afraid my roommates friends my update and screw it up. Can I shut that channel down or block updates? What and how does BootMii work and where do I get it?

    Like I said, I haven't updated in forever. My homebrew channel will not update itself. The only updates I've done is the ISO to ISO60. What should I do to get up to speed?

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    preloader can block disc updates

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    Ok. Well to make it simple I'm using the newbie tutorial to install everything. I did really well and got all the way to step 5a when I couldn't get Preloader to install (the whole point of this thread!). What I think happened was after I installed everything in step 3, I ended up with an upside down HBC. I did a clean install of IOS36 which fixed the upside down but made it impossible to install Preloader. I ran thru step 3 again, got Preloader on, but it would not go to the system menu. I did a clean install of sys menu 4.1 which erased Preloader and I couldn't get it back. huff huff...

    All that to say, I bootmii2 and did a clean install and am working on step 4 at the moment, without trying to fix the upside down thing until I'm completely done with step 5. We'll see if it works this time. Wish me luck.

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    You must install patchedIOS60 before installation of preloader. The HBC being upside down is an easier fix than what you did, alls that needed to be done was to re-install HBC.

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    I got it working. I don't think the upside down HBC was the big issue at all. I think it was that I had reinstalled v4.1U with a corrupt or incorrect file. I used NUSD to create a v4.1U and loaded it thru the WAD manager after getting Priiloader on. Then I reinstalled Priiloader. Worked like a charm!


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