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Thread: Help! - bricked wii?

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    Help! - bricked wii?


    I tried to softmod my wii today and installed the HBC successfully and also installed bootmii as IOS. i also have a backup of my nand.

    After following the softmod guide i had everything working. this was for a wii on 3.4.

    I decided to upgrade the firmware to 4.0 as mentiond in the softmod guide.
    About halfway through the update there was a power failure to the wii.
    Now when i turn the wii on all i get is a black screen. no video and no sound.

    the wii mote cant connect to the wii also.

    Can someone please help?

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    Moved to correct section - Made a bit of a mess of it and deleted WiiJohn's welcome post by accident.

    It's amazing how many people have power failures when updating their Wiis.

    What you have now is a fully bricked Wii.

    You may be able to enter recovery console and autoboot a retail New Super Mario Bros Wii game disc.

    Use the savemiifrii method i.e. Gamecube controller modded to press all directions on D pad at the same time as you power up your Wii. Check youtube for savemiifrii.
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    That is the worst luck in the world, power loss at system update. Sorry for your luck, or lack of. Let us know how this pans out.
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