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Thread: Playable Games Straight from an SD Card!

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    Playable Games Straight from an SD Card! Vid now Included

    From day one Nintendo intended to keep their system and the software on it locked up and unable to be moved. But say you want to bring one of your games over to your friends house, well, Nintendo frankly doesn't care about how you want to move your virtual console games.

    Luckily for the consumer, they didn't fix every bug in their system, and because of it, a way to make play-able games right off the SD card has been found. Oh, and you have the ability to pick whatever game you want to play. Now, there are certain restrictions such as systems and such, but these kinds of abilities will be added in the future.

    <s>To find out more, you should Google the phrase "twilightpack download" and click the top link. (I did not link the site because I wanted to keep off of the spam radar. This IS IN NO WAY an advertisement for anyone's website. It is meant to help spread the word.)</s>
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    Just to update my last post, the guy who makes the twilightpack has released a video on how to install it! Check it out!

    [ame=]YouTube - Wii Jabber Presents: Installing a TwilightPACK[/ame]

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    time to get me a SD card thanks for the update!

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    Awesome! I just filled up my Wii system memory with VC games last night. This will be a great feature to have.

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    Does this mean you can run VC and wiiware from SD?


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