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Thread: Problems installing HBC while following the dogeggs guide Please Help!

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    Problems installing HBC while following the dogeggs guide Please Help!

    I just put wiikey2 in my lu32 4.1u and my first game to burn was mario&sonic winter olympic games, everythings went fine using wiu 1.0 and imgburn. But my second game was NSMB and the game worked for 5min.

    I read about all the thread about NSMB even the one from Davepm. But now i read the thread from dogeggs ( and desided to softmod my wii.

    When I tried to install HBC by putting the files in the root of my freshly formatted (with sdformatter2.0) sandisk 2gb card, the first time the wii was asking to load boot.elf so i clicked yes but after all i got was a black screen and not other option and the blue leds around my dvd fence where flashing. I let my wii flashing like this for about 10min with nothing working.

    The next morning i retried to do the same thing but the wii doesnt ask me anymore to load boot.elf , when i go to wii options, data management, channels, sd card, i see a question mark (?) in the first square up left and im not able to launch the hackmii or so.

    I don't know if i have to try to make my wii a virgin or anything like this.

    Btw all of my original games are still working and my backup of mario&sonic winter olympics too.

    I don't know what to do anymore. I ask for your help. Thanks for reading.

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    No one had that problem that could know how to fix it?

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    Have you tryed another sd card? if not format your card but just use your pc to format it, to fat32.

    The boot. elf is right then you will see a screen about not paying for the software, then it should load to the hackmii installer.

    I would defo try another sd card.Also have you done any softmodding before you followed doggeggs guide? because the wiikey2 should not affect your softmod,as i have a wasabi dx and that guide work like a charm on my wii.


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