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Thread: A little bit of help please

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    Question A little bit of help please with set up

    im new to all this wii stuff ive jus followed the tut posted in my welcome message new 3.1-4.1 , ive done wot it said formated mi sd card put all the stuff on mi sd card put card into mi wii , not connected to the net , i go to the sd card settings in the wii the it says in tut that a box should pop up and i click yes but no box pops up and this what i get ....
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    according to your pic you do not have bannerbomb on your SD. That is what will pop up asking you to install. Bannerbomb will be in a folder on your SD called private. Homebrew channel should be on the root DIR of the card called boot.dol.

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    What SD card are you using? It can't be an SDHC card, and shouldn't be more than 2gb [some 4gb work] Also SanDisk has the best success rate.


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