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Thread: Hard Drive Sharing between PC and Wii

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    Hard Drive Sharing between PC and Wii

    I just got a 1TB Iomega USB Hard Drive and I want to split the partitions 500gB each one for my PC for files and the other for the Wii games....I know I can do question is can I use a USB swtich to share the hard drive at the same time. I have attached a diagram I made as an example.

    My computer is downstairs (With the new external hard drive)...can i attach a USB switch and run a cable from the swtich to upstairs where my Wii is. Please look at the pic.

    If you have any information that could help me I would be greatly appreciate it
    Thank you
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    Anybody have any advice?

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    If the USB cable is more than 5M you'll need to have a powered hub repeater type thing inline. Max cable length for USB 2.0 is 5M you see.
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