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Thread: Mario Kart Error help

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    Lightbulb Mario Kart Error help

    Hi guys, new to the forum although i've been lurking on it for ages.

    I recently got my wii chipped by one of my mates and ive been getting games off him but decided to try and d\l them myself.

    Ive got PAL wii and a wiikey fitted.

    I downloaded the PAL version of mario kart as i understand it to be safer PAL TO PAL.

    Burned it to a phillips DVD+R at x4 speed using imgburn.

    When i went to play it, it asked to update. Since it was a PAL game i didnt think there would be a problem with this so i clicked ok to the upgrade

    When i now try to play the game i get the "error 001"

    Is there anyway of fixing this??

    Thanks in advance.

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    I have the PAL version also, on a NTSC, try burning at 1X.

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    This error happened on SMG, there's a post around here about it. It may have something to do with needing to reset your PIN, or that your WiiKey needs updating to 1.9s and 1.4copnfig disc, I think, I don't have WiiKey so i'm unsure of the update procedure.

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    if you don't know how to do that then you could use this Generic Wii Patcher -
    it's called generic wii patcher and will remove the smg update for you if you don't know how to use trucha signa and the like

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    try updating or desolder the wiikey and replace it with a d2pro chip(updated so it would fit your chip)


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