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Thread: USB Loader Stack Dump

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    USB Loader Stack Dump

    I softmooded my wii using the 4.2 guide and can now play super mario bros through Neogamma but when i try to load a game from my usb hdd i get a stack dump.

    Any help greatly appreciated.



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    Would it be wise to do a NAND recovery and start again ?



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    Just bumping this for any advice ?

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    Try updating your USB Loader or try a different loader. There are loads to choose from USB Loader GX, Wiiflow, Coverfloader etc.

    I've seen GX crash due to a misconfiguration in the text files.
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    Thanks for the info, just realised that I didn't mention that after the softmodding I put in a backup disc that asked me me to perform an update (even though I was already at 4.2E). After this I got a message saying system files were corrupt. I then started to get the stackdump from the USB loader.

    Do you think restoring the NAND backup and starting again would be my best option.

    Apologies for being a dumb newbie, but doing lots of reading to try and get a greater understanding of what I'm doing.



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    I am running 3.2U and I also get the stack dump message. I knowdest that the message goes away if I remove the last game I put in with WBFS. So then I tried riping the disc thru USB loader instead of putting it in thru WBFS and that worked. no more stack dump.
    So, if you recover your nand that won't work.


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