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Thread: No dvd error

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    No dvd error

    Hi Iam not a total newbie, but having a problem i cant seem to sort.
    NSMB or twilight just come up with dvd error, all her older backups work.
    the wii has a d2c pro modchip, firmware 3.3e, twighlight hack, bootmii, neogamma (latest one b12 i think), gecko 193, IOS249r14, IOS60 latest shopping channel with bbciplayer ( after following the latest tutorial on here, Thanks for that one).
    I thought that once the IOS60 was in it would read the dvd's, can anybody please offer suggestions, Iam thinking the next step would be to upgrade to 4.1 would this sort the problem or have i missed something.

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    NSMB requires some special help, see the guide in my sig.

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    hi thanks for the reply I had already seen your excellent guide and tried some of the things (neogamma, gecko) the bit with it that confuses me is "Or you can download and Install IOS53 and your System IOS (3.2-3.4 = IOS30, 4.0/4.1= IOS60, 4.2=IOS70) and patch them with the Trucha Patch. Use (DOP-IOS MOD) for this." I have 3.3e menu but I have done the IOS60 and got the latest shopping channel and the iplayer working, do i still need to the same with IOS30 as i did with the IOS60.

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    hi forgot to add i have also done IOS53-v5149 and the nsmb i have are patched and unpatched versions on dvd not sure about twilight.

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    hi just to let you know how iam getting on with this I have now updated the wii firmware to 4.1 following wanikoko update instructions.
    I have altered the bootmii settings to autoboot in 5 seconds.
    all the homebrew appz still working, (neogamma, gecko etc etc)
    Still cant get NSMB working,all I ever get is the "error no dvd" message.
    I have followed everyguide and still it dont work.

    I give in

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    Hi pendle!
    I have exactly the same problem. Did you managed to get the game working?

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    Just a quick update, Still none of the new games i burn will work, all old ones are ok.
    I have updated to 4.2e and iam using latest neogamma and gecko, dop ios and wad manager.
    all my homebrew works and i have cleaned the wii lens just on the off-chance

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    wow keep updating your system menu and you just keep getting further away from success.


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