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Thread: NSMB Help w/ Bypassing Disk Update?

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    NSMB Help w/ Bypassing Disk Update?

    I've got NSMB working on 4.1 NTSC-U using methods posted on the sticky with the disk update check skipped via my wiikey2
    Took the same method on a friends wii, but he has dfferent chip with no update skip function, and NSMB on disk channel still wants to perform a disk update. When i disable my wiikey2 update check, i get the same results.
    I've got the latest IOS's per DOP-IOS and i'm on 4.1U so my question is what am i missing to get the disk channel to overlook the stupid wii update ?
    (Please no recommendations for using Preloader, USB, Geko, or NeoGamma - we want to keep it little kid friendly)

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    either install preloader to block all update. Instal neogamma to run games from and block all updates, or install whichever IOS the game your trying to run uses.

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    i've got to assume it has something to do with what the update is checking for within the system since i have all necessary IOS's installed, probably boot2 to remove bootmii? Since the game I was using was a modified .iso file for the fix, I used Wii Scrubber 1.4 to remove the update partition as well, and everything works finem now...looks like i may have to take this path for all future games with updates.


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