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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Issues

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    Mario Kart Wii Issues

    So I have a North American Wii and I stuck in a d2 pro modchip.
    So when I went to go play my Mario Kart Wii PAL, two strange things happened:
    1. I now suddenly have 2 forecast and 2 news channels.
    2. I can`t access my Wii Settings on the bottom left side.

    I`m not too worried about having 2 duplicates of the channels but the wii settings menu is that one that I want fixed. It keeps giving me this weird message about not being able to access a certain URL and to check in my internet is working, but it is =b. Is there a way to fix this or is anyone else having the same problem as I am...

    Thanks very much in advance!

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    yackmuch360 i think you had semi-bricked your Wii. When you get yoru Mario Kart wii Pal did you patched it wiht Wii brick blocker and convert it to ntsc wiht Wii region free? If not you coulda got an update out of your Wii region and bricked it. But in your case only a semi brick. Only way to fix this is to get a game disc with higher update then this one which is kinda impossible because mario is the latest game >.> May be when Mario Kart Wii USA come out or Wii fit come out it can fix this problem But you should still be able to play your games discs rite? just don't worry about the duplicate channels and don't use them.

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    Thanks, yeah, I did some more reading after I posted this and I get it =). =P I`ll remember to do the two things to the iso before I burn it.

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    if you go to your local torrent site you should be able to find a wii channel remover iso. I used it on mine and it removed the extra channels.

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    wii channel remover here in forum

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    Yup... semi-bricked...

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